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May. 5th, 2009 12:01 am
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What name would you like to go by? Dragonfly.

How many times have you seen "Pirates of the Caribbean?" Really hard to say. I saw the first movie in the theater seven times before acquiring a *cough* shall we say, advance copy which I watched once a night for at least two weeks before tapering off to every other night for a month or so. I got it bad for CotBP.

Who is your favorite character? Captain Jack Sparrow

Who is your second favorite character? Will Turner

What do you like most about watching/reading/writing "Pirate" stories? The heroicness of it all.

How long have you been reading/writing fanfiction? Since 1998

If you are a writer, what sorts of things have you written so far? In PotC I've only written one story and a handful of drabbles.

If you have stories online, where are they archived?, under the name Mojave Dragonfly. Also my own website at

What was your first fandom, or is this your first fandom? My first fandom was Highlander: The Series. I was monofannish in HL until Captain Jack Sparrow dislodged me.

What other fandoms are you active in? Active? Not much right now. I'm becoming more active in Supernatural and I'm just tapering off of Blood Ties.
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Title: The Spittin' Image
Fandom: PotC (tCotBP)
Author: [personal profile] dragonfly
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: These characters and situations are owned by Disney. I get no money from this, only joy.
Summary: The Black Pearl is raiding cruelly all over the Spanish Main. Has Jack really turned vicious? Will feels these deaths are his fault, because he's the one who freed Jack.
Notes: This is set just after The Curse of the Black Pearl. It was intended to fit into canon, but I presumed Will and Elizabeth would marry promptly after the first movie and the second movie proved me wrong. So, this is accidentally AU.

Feedback is certainly welcome. I'm revising as I post it, so it can always be improved.

I can't even remember who beta'd this for me. I'll come back and edit when I figure that out.

And, for you dogs out there playing the drinking game, take a swig of rum for every quote you find from The Pirates of Penzance.

Part One
Part Two


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