[personal profile] trinityday2009-07-22 12:39 pm

Drabble Challenge

This week's theme is the


The definition of a drabble is a 100 word story. Well, mostly they are. In this community, we like to think of the 100 words limit not as a rule but as a guideline (since we all know what pirates think about rules as opposed to guidelines...) Going a few words over or a few words under the word count isn't a marooning offence. In fact, we've been known to encourage going over or under by as many words as it takes to satisfy your muse as well as be in awe of those people who can hit the 100 word mark exactly.

The drabble challenge runs Wednesday to Wednesday, but see the above rules if you get inspired by one of the previous topics, listed at our very own captain's Black Pearl Tales.